Jim's Inspection Discoveries

Here are some examples of common hazards found by the extensive inspections carried out by JR Inspections 75; they serve as a guide to ensure that your home can be prepared for its own pre or post inspection.  Jim leaves no area unobserved.

Steel wire on the exterior and traps in the attic

After observing the steel wire on the exterior of this home, JR INSPECTIONS 75 did some exploring in the attic and found the animal traps in the picture above.  This is a sign that rodents may be getting into this home so JR INSPECTIONS 75 recommended further evaluation by an exterminator.

Holes in Chimney Hearth

JR INSPECTIONS found 2 significant size holes in this fireplace hearth that could allow flames to reach the wood structure behind the fireplace brick and cause a house fire inside the wall.

Open Hole in Basement Floor

JR INSPECTIONS found this uncovered sump pump pit inside the basement of a home.   The sump pump was no longer in use, however an open hole in any basement floor allows underground gases to enter the living space.  A manufactured cover was recommended

Damaged Deck Hardware

After climbing under a deck on a South Jersey home, JR INSPECTIONS 75 found all of the steel hardware supporting the deck to be severely rusted and damaged from salt water.

Damaged Iron Pipes

After climbing in the crawlspace of another South Jersey home, JR INSPECTIONS 75 found all of the iron gas pipes to be severely rusted and damaged from salt water.  Undetected, there could have been a gas leak leading to a severe emergency and possibly an explosion.

Exposed Wires

JR INSPECTIONS 75 discovered  unprotected live electrical wires inside the crawlspace of another home.  The live wires in the photo need to be concealed inside a metal junction box.

Loose Electrical Outlet

JR INSPECTIONS 75 found an exterior electrical outlet that was very unsafe because it was not secured to the home.  Moisture was allowed to enter the structure and make contact with the wiring.

Artificial Chimney Cover

JR INSPECTIONS 75 discovered an artificial chimney covering the original masonry chimney on this home. The original brick chimney underneath may be damaged therefore having the inside of the chimney flue inspected was recommended by JR INSPECTIONS 75.

Exposed Electrical Wires

This open electrical junction box with exposed wires was found by JR INSPECTIONS 75 in the attic of a home.  This needed to be corrected before someone got seriously injured.

Uncovered Electrical Outlet

JR INSPECTIONS 75 found several uncovered electrical outlets inside a home in North Jersey. All you need is one small screw and a cover plate to make this outlet safe.

Termite Damage

JR INSPECTIONS 75 discovered signs of previous termite damage to the wood sill of this home.  A professional exterminator was recommended to treat the structure of this home.

Worn Refrigerant Insulation

JR INSPECTIONS 75 found the insulation on an AC refrigerant line to be aged and damaged.      The insulation helps keep the refrigerant cool, therefore JR INSPECTIONS 75 recommended replacing the insulation on this unit.

Blocked Window

After testing this basement window JR INSPECTIONS 75 discovered that a fixed piece of the wood structure was blocking the window from opening completely.  This could become a serious problem because the window could not be used as an exit in an emergency.

Unstable Foundation

The foundation cracks pictured below were observed by JR INSPECTIONS 75 on a home in upper North Jersey.  After some research was done on this property, JR INSPECTIONS 75 found out that several underground caves exist in the vicinity of this home and the ground under this home was shifting. 

Flue Vent with Open Gaps

JR INSPECTIONS 75 discovered open gaps at the point where the furnace flue pipe enters the chimney.  Open gaps in a chimney could allow harmful carbon monoxide gases to enter the home. 

Home Missing Gutters

When this home was inspected, JR INSPECTIONS 75 observed that gutters were not installed on the entire second floor and all the dormers.  Missing gutters on a home can cause water intrusion into the basement because the rainwater will be discharged too close to the foundation of the home.

Uncovered Electrical Switches

JR INSPECTIONS 75 found several of the electrical switches in this home to be missing the cover plates exposing the live wires inside.  The unsafe switches in this home can be corrected quite easily with cover plates and a few small screws.

Opening in Basement Window

Inside the crawlspace of this home JR INSPECTIONS 75 found a large hole in one of the basement windows.  The hole was large enough to allow rodents to enter the basement.

Damaged Radiator

JR INSPECTIONS 75 discovered a damaged cast iron bedroom radiator with a large open hole on top.  The open hole could allow hot steam to escape and possibly burn someone.

Very Old Wiring

The original knob and tube wiring installed in a very old home in Central Jersey is considered unsafe because knob and tube wiring is ungrounded and has caused house fires. JR INSPECTIONS 75 recommended replacing all the knob and tube wiring in this home.

Missing Gutter Downspout

JR INSPECTIONS 75 found a gutter on this home was discharging water onto the deck because a downspout was missing on one of the gutters.

Possible Asbestos on Piping

JR INSPECTIONS 75 entered the basement of this home and found several of the pipes covered with asbestos.  It was recommended to hire a professional to remove the harmful asbestos.

Open Dryer Vent

This open dryer vent was discovered by JR INSPECTIONS 75 on the exterior of another home.  The open vent could allow rodents, birds, insects and moisture to enter the interior of this home.  This vent needed to be replaced.

Poorly Supported Lamppost

JR INSPECTIONS 75 was surprised to find out that the electric lamp post in front of this home was only supported by a pile of rocks around the base

Clogged Dryer Vent

Fortunately JR INSPECTIONS 75 inspected the dryer vent on this home.  The vent was completely clogged with lint.  JR INSPECTIONS 75 may have protected this home from a fire because the lint exhausted from a clothes dryer is extremely flammable.

Disconnected Oil Fuel Lines

Unused oil fuel lines were discovered in the basement of a home.  After JR INSPECTIONS 75 recommended having a tank sweep, a large underground oil tank was discovered on the property.

Bars on Basement Windows

JR INSPECTIONS 75 observed decorative steel bars mounted on all of the basement windows on a north Jersey home.  After contacting the building department JR INSPECTIONS 75 learned that fixed window bars were against the building code in that township.

Partially Blocked Heat Vent

After entering a bathroom in this home, JR INSPECTIONS 75 noticed that the sink vanity was blocking half of the heating vent. 

Damaged Gutter Downspout

The main gutter in the front of this home was not draining properly. It appeared that someone flattened the aluminum downspout when they ran over it with their car.  JR INSPECTIONS 75 recommended cutting off the damaged end of the downspout to allow the rainwater to drain.

Fire Hazard Around Furnace

When JR INSPECTIONS 75 attempted to inspect the heat furnace in the basement of another home, there was an obvious problem.  The homeowner had piled a large amount of storage items against the warm furnace.  JR INSPECTIONS 75 explained to the buyer and homeowner that this is a serious fire hazard and needed to be corrected immediately.

Dangerous Gas Line

The picture below explains why every crawlspace must be inspected.  When JR INSPECTIONS 75 entered this crawlspace a yellow gas line was observed resting on a steam pipe.  Eventually, that hot pipe could rupture the gas line causing a serious gas leak and maybe an explosion

'Fixed' Basement Windows

JR INSPECTIONS 75 observed several beautiful gas block basement windows on this home.  However these windows are unsafe because they could not be used to exit the basement in an emergency.

Unsafe Electrical Service Wire

The main electrical cable on this home was tied to the house with a rope.  JR INSPECTIONS 75 advised the buyers to contact the utility company to have the cable mounted safely.

Nest Blocking Attic Vent

A large nest was discovered by JR INSPECTIONS 75 in the attic of an old home.  The nest was completely blocking the only vent that existed in this attic.

Missing Extension Pipe

The water heater in this home was missing an extension pipe on the pressure release valve.  JR INSPECTIONS 75 explained to the buyer that without an extension pipe, hot water could be discharged in someone’s face or body.

Damaged Window

JR INSPECTIONS 75 discovered this damaged bedroom window with broken glass covering the roof below.m.

Uncovered Main Electrical Box

When JR INSPECTIONS 75 inspected the main electrical panel in this home the cover was missing, exposing all the live electrical circuit wires.  An electrical panel without a cover is very dangerous.  Someone could get a serious electric shock and possibly killed

Rusted Electric Service Box

When JR INSPECTIONS 75 inspected the electrical panel in another home, the inside of the panel was rusted badly.  Rust inside an electrical panel is a sign of moisture getting inside the panel that can cause an electrical short. 

Unsafe Step

JR INSPECTIONS 75 found the side step on this home to be very unsafe because of the excessive distance between the door sill and the top of the step.  JR INSPECTIONS 75 recommended hiring a professional to build a new step with 2 equal steps instead of one

Open Drain Pipe

This open PVC drain pipe was observed by JR INSPECTIONS 75 inside another basement.    The drain pipe needs to be capped because harmful gases may be leaking into the living area.

Missing Exhaust Draft Hood

In another home, JR INSPECTIONS 75 discovered that the draft hood on top of the water heater was missing.  The draft hood helps to remove the harmful carbon monoxide gas. 
JR INSPECTIONS 75 insisted that a draft hood is stalled before anyone occupies this home.

Severely Rusted Furnace Vent

The exhaust vent on a furnace in an older home was severely rusted leaving several small holes in the vent.  JR INSPECTIONS 75 made sure that the buyers and owners were aware that this vent needed to be replaced because harmful gases are most likely leaking into the home

Disconnected Drain Pipe

After looking at the gutter and downspout on this home carefully, JR INSPECTIONS 75 noticed that the top of the downspout was disconnected.  This is a serious problem because the rainwater from that gutter will be discharged onto the main electrical service wires below.

Branches interfering with  electrical wires

JR INSPECTIONS 75 observed several branches from a tree on this property were interfering with the electrical cables.  The weight of the tree branches could damage the wires and therefore needed to be carefully trimmed.

Keyed Window Locks

Most of the windows inside this home were secured with keyed locks.  JR INSPECTIONS 75 explained to the buyer that keyed window locks are against most township codes because it could be difficult to locate the key during a house fire.

Unsafe Wiring

JR INSPECTIONS 75 discovered a very unsafe electrical junction box with previous signs of charred wood from the wires overheating.  This electrical wiring could easily cause a fire or cause someone to get shocked

Tree branches inside attic

JR INSPECTIONS 75 found tree branches in this attic.  Tree branches could be a sign of animals nesting somewhere in this attic.  JR INSPECTIONS 75 recommended hiring an exterminator to inspect this attic.