J R   I n s p e c t i o n s  7 5  L L C

Buying or Selling a Home? 
Protect yourself, and your family!

What's more important in a Home Inspector:  Knowledge or Experience?  How About BOTH?


If you hire Jim Ragucci, the owner and operator of J R Inspections 75, you will not only be getting a New Jersey licensed home inspector, and a member of the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF HOME INSPECTORS but a true professional with many years of experience in home construction. 

Before becoming a NJ home inspector, Jim taught carpentry 
and woodworking and ran a home improvements business for over 30 years.  Unlike many other inspectors, Jim has the necessary knowledge and experience to help a home buyer or seller identify all the qualities and deficiencies in any home.

The knowledge you gain from J R Inspections 75 will help you to make
a safe home purchasing decision for you and your family.

Don't take our word for it.  Check out some of our existing testimonials and contact those who recommend JR Inspections 75!  Still not convinced? Take a look at what JR Inspections 75 discovered during recent inspections.


JR Inspections 75 inspects residential property for the purpose of pre-sale or post-sale fitness and compliance with New Jersey State and County ordinances.  DO NOT CONTACT US if you have a possible code violation issue or landlord dispute in an apartment complex or other shared property.  In this case, please contact the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.