Name Jose A.
Date of Inspection August 21, 2019

Jim Ragucci performed an extremely detailed inspection for our new home. He exceeded my expectations and took the time to explain to me the steps that needed to be done on certain deficiencies and re-assured me on many things when they looked good. I was very happy with his professionalism and would recommend him to anyone purchasing a new home. Thanks Jim!

Name Heath W.
Date of Inspection July 20, 2019

Jim Ragucci did a great job with our home inspection. He was very thorough and provided a great report on findings or concerns. The report also included details and pictures of appliances and nice suggestions for home maintenance. I highly recommend him and confident he will provide a great service for anyone.

Name Pt F.
Date of Inspection June 30, 2019
We hired JR Home Inspections 75 to perform a home inspection on a property we are buying in Matawan. We called on a Thursday and the inspection was scheduled for the immediate Sunday. Mr. Ragucci was amazingly thorough in his inspection and not only pointed out both minor and major concerns, but gave us helpful explanations and advice on maintaining our future property for generations to come. He even referred us to a fantastic tank sweep service. I CANNOT RECOMMEND HIM ENOUGH- do not hesitate to retain JR Home Inspections 75 for your needs today! Mr. Ragucci is a consummate professional and you will not be disappointed!
Name Jolene L.
Date of Inspection June 17, 2019

We met Jim Ragucci as first-time homebuyers the day of our inspection. Jim immediately engaged with us and made us feel comfortable by thoroughly explaining aspects of the house so we understood. He took his time to complete a detailed inspection of the house, highlighting desired features, opportunities for long-term preservation of the structure and foundation, and deficiencies. He also discussed with us the appropriate time line for addressing opportunities and deficiencies, understanding that we would not be able to correct everything at once.

Within a few days, Jim emailed us a lengthy and detailed report of the inspection so none of the information he provided would be lost. We believe his experience allowed for the most comprehensive inspection possible and we absolutely feel comfortable moving forward in buying our home.  We are grateful for Jim's time and expertise. We highly recommend Jim for home buyer inspection!

Name Phil L.
Date of Inspection May 11, 2019

Jim Ragucci is the epitome of the word professional. We hired him as an inspector to the house we recently contracted with. He took his time to look at every aspect of the house and while doing it, he was educating us about them. Then after a couple of days, he presented a very well written report. The knowledge he possess and the experience he gained really makes him an excellent inspector. Make sure to hire JR Inspections 75 before you purchase your new home esp if you are a first time buyer. We would not hesitate to hire him again. Thank You, Jim!

Name John G.
Date of Inspection May 06, 2019

We recently purchased a home for our family and were in need of a home inspection. Our realtor connected us with Jim from JR Home Inspections 75 and we could not be happier. Jim was very meticulous and extremely thorough as he went through the home and was very helpful in documenting both good and bad features with the home. He also took time to teach us about home care and maintenance for our new home. Moving in with a family, it is great to have a home inspection that is so thorough that it provides peace of mind as to the status of your home. We highly recommend JR Home Inspections 75 for home inspections.

Name Dan L.
Date of Inspection April 27, 2019
Jim is very professional and knowledgeable on all aspects of a house. Jim did the home inspection for me in April. He arrived earlier than me and started the inspection already. He spent 3ish hours to do a thorough inspection of the house and gave me a lot of useful suggestions. His report is detailed, easy understand for a first time home owner, and informative. He followed up with me even after I purchased the house and helped me a lot with my new house. Jim is such a nice person and I will definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to do a home inspection in the area.
Name Joseph S.
Date of Inspection April 18, 2019
Recently, we required a home inspection on relatively short notice. Fortunately, we were able to get Jim Ragucci of JR Home Inspections 75 to perform the services. Having purchased numerous homes and used several different home inspectors over the years, it didn't take long to recognize that we had obtained a top notch knowledgeable professional. Jim was very thorough and took the time to explain issues in an understandable manner. We would definitely use this company in the future and recommend them to our family and friends. 
Name Bob H.
Date of Inspection April 12, 2019

When listing our home for sale, our realtor brought in Jim for a pre-inspection. Jim exceeded our expectations. He was thorough, deeply experienced, respectful of our home, instructive with helpful tips, and most of all, he instilled confidence, so we clearly recognized Jim knew what he was doing and what he was talking about. He is very personable, well organized and good at explaining things. We highly recommend Jim whether for sellers's pre-inspection or buyer's inspection...either way....he's top notch.

Name Rosie C.
Date of Inspection April 11, 2019

Our realtor connected my husband and I to Jim Ragucci to perform a home inspection. As the buyers, we immediately felt comfortable, confident and at ease with Jim's top notch professionalism and level of expertise. He is very personable, full of knowledge, thorough and really took the time to explain any issues or concerns we had or that he noticed. He provided us with a very detailed report (in a timely manner) which also included detailed recommendations as well tips for future home maintenance. He truly made this process smooth and seamless for us. We highly recommend JR Home Inspections 75 to all of our friends and family - thank you for your service!!

Name Alberto T.
Date of Inspection April 6, 2019
Very impressed with Mr. Ragucci's expertise. His inspection was very thorough. His detailed knowledge of all home systems was impressive. I highly recommend him.
Name Toni J.
Date of Inspection March 22, 2019
We contracted JR Home Inspections to do an inspection on our home before we listed it. He did a very thorough inspection and gave recommendations to correct issues we were not even aware of. We are now able to list our house and avoid any concerns a potential buyer would have. Thank you for making this process so easy. I would definitely recommend [JR Inspections 75] for either a pre-listing or if you a buying a home.


Name Ron Y.
Date of Inspection March 12, 2019
I can highly recommend Jim Ragucci. Jim has completed several home improvements jobs on my home in the past (including a retaining wall, attic insulation, new kitchen, replace deck etc.). When I was recently thinking about selling my home I called Jim to see if he could recommend a home inspector. I was pleased to find out that he recently became a licensed inspector. So I asked Jim to do a pre-listing inspection on my house. Jim did the inspection and emailed me an excellent report. Now I'm aware of all the items I need to take care of before I put my house on the market.


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